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Drabble: Yamamoto Doesn't Understand

So, this is something I wrote a little while ago and I thought it was going to go somewhere but it isn't and now I'm posting the snippet.

Word Count: ~600
Warnings: Crack AU. CRACK. Squalo being mean.
Summary: Yamamoto discusses relationship woes with Squalo, Lussu and Mukuro at their local coffee shop.


“No! I love him.” Yamamoto droops. “I think that’s the problem.” Collapse )


A/N: No, not over Star Trek yet. But somehow it's fueling 8059 and I dunno, just sit back and enjoy?


Title: Nerdgasm
Author: saying_sooth
Word Count: ~2000
Pairing: Established 8059.
Warnings: Intelligent!Yamamoto. Gokudera thinking in long sentences. Gokudera’s potty mouth.
Summary: How Gokudera discovered Yamamoto’s intelligence and why he’s keeping it to himself.
A/N: Happy birthday July-ers once again, most notably dicks ! You rock. ♥ Also, f-list, I’m still distracted by Kirk/Spock. >__> Gimme a little while.


it pricks at Gokudera’s pride – slashes it to pieces, actually – that half the Family has assumed that he married a fucking idiotCollapse )

Happy Birthday July-ers! 8059 Drabble

Sorry about abrupt break in Europe photos and other signs of life; I've been addicted to Star Trek fic this past week (blame Faor, okay?). However, here's an 8059 drabble inspired by amcw177 's encounter with a barista, and it's dedicated to her and EVERYONE WITH JULY BIRTHDAYS WHOM I'VE NEGLECTED TO WISH HAPPY BIRTHDAY. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. ESPECIALLY YOU, talklikeazombie . I remember promising you a drabble. There's probably another one coming soon, if I find the time to write it. ♥

Yama's a dorky, adorable barista who tries to make Goku feel better one sunny morning in JulyCollapse )
A mishmash of my last morning in Rome before cruise, driving to the port city of Civitavecchia and photos from cruise ship.

Picspam. Including sunset on ocean. \o/Collapse )
 After eating dinner, we walked around Rome for hours. Rome is the one city where getting lost is a pleasure, because there's another statue/fountain/monument around every corner. Also, there are so many small restaurants on every street! (should've taken photos of those when they were lit up in the dusk but didn't. ;__;) To be honest, the buildings are cramped and rooms are small, making my parents comment that they preferred the larger breathing space of America, but it's Rome. Every street is an inspiration.

Here are some photos from our walk. First, a random balcony that I liked.

PicspamCollapse )

ILU GUYS. And now I'm focusing on So You Think You Can Dance.

European Trip and Photos Part One. ROME

 Because a post for my whole trip will be huge. And because now I can show you guys more photos. :3 So yes, FIRST DAY PHOTOS.


Warning: PicspamCollapse )

Inspired by Chapter 294

Specifically, inspired by Gokudera's fabulous fury face. Alcy was talking about 5980 hatesex with K, I heard about it, and this was born. But I don't know how I feel about it. :/

Note: Gokudera is in his early twenties, around 23.

When Gokudera hisses “You fucking idiot” this time, he isn’t playing, doesn’t have a smile tucked away in the corner of his mouthCollapse )

Fanfic: Time Lag

Title: Time Lag
Author: saying_sooth
Pairing: 18D
Rating: R
Word count: ~3,000
Author's Note: This is my first D18 fic! Wrote it for the D18 Exchange over at the khr_projects community, be sure to check out the other submissions~ I signed up to pinch-hit for the Exchange since I’ve always been curious about D18, and it was a good experience though I’m not in love with D18 as I am with 8059/5980. Just not my cup of tea. Finally, I’d like to thank alcedines for beta-ing!
Prompt: “The TYL!D18 reunion post-Millefiore arc.” Specifically, after Hibari comes out of Irie’s machine.


Hibari woke from the machine with a snarl, ready to lash out against the herd he'd been forced to sleep beside for the past innumerable, indistinct hoursCollapse )

Happy Birthday Yamamoto. :3

So, I'm a little late, but still. Happy birthday baseball idiot. ^^


On the night of the 23rd, Yamamoto was ducking through the alleys of VeniceCollapse )